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Meet The Team

Jeremy Abdoo


Jeremy is also a Certified Level 2 USA Hockey Coach

  • I pride myself in helping others, making a difference in someone's day, life and overall health. Making a change in someones life is why I have been a trainer for over 23 years.

  • Jeremy endured a devastating motorcycle accident in 2007. There was real doubt he would be able to walk again. After spending 13 weeks in the hospital (two weeks in ICU), the doctors had done all they could, only able to get around with a walker. In order to regain strength and rebuild my body, Jeremy decided to train for bodybuilding competitions. Six days a week of weight and cardio training became his routine, enabled him to overcome the lasting effects of his injuries, and return to a normal life.

  • Overall, Jeremy enjoy's working with all types of clients. From the elite athlete, to the person just getting out of physical therapy (he has gone through years of rehab for injuries and has made an amazing comeback and loves to see that change in clients), to the average person just wanting to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

  • One thing Jeremy is EXTREMELY passionate about is playing hockey. I have met some wonderful people in the hockey community and I have learned a lot in my journey with hockey. I started playing at an early age and haven't looked back. It's a big part of not only my life but my entire family.  He has coached and worked with professional Hockey and Football athletes and sports teams.

  • Jeremy is originally from the Western Chicagoland Suburbs.

  • As long as YOU GIVE ME YOUR BEST, WORK HARD and TRUST THE PROCESS, I promise to give you the same effort as your trainer/coach.

Find Jeremy running some Small Group Personal Training Sessions, and coaching our members on their workouts and nutrition.

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Mia Piekutowski


Mia is also a certified Paddle Fused Fitness Coach

  • Mia is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist

  • Her goal is to help individuals reach their fitness goals while feeling confident both inside and outside of the gym

  • Mia is passionate about helping individuals heal their relationship with food and feel comfortable eating the foods they enjoy while still reaching their fitness goals

  • She loves working with dogs and animals including professional dog walking

Find Mia doing Small Group Personal Training, 1-1 Personal Training, and on the water doing Paddle Fused Fitness classes and SUP tours.

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Jhon Sanguino


Jhon has experience in powerlifting, judo, swimming, track runner

  • One of my personal goals is to work on my body and improve every day through different learning

  • I enjoy working with individuals who have various goals as me, and I like to be with people who like to improve themselves every day and always have new goals to improve their quality of life in terms of sport or their body in general

  • I love to stay active whether it is in a recreational activity, exercising or playing a sport

  • Jhon is fluent in Spanish and able to work with those in who's English is their second language

Find Jhon doing some Small Group Personal Training, 1-1 personal training, and NinjaFit and Adult Gymnastics.

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Join the Team

Fusion Fit is always on the lookout for coaches, trainers and instructors that fit our vision and mission and want to work for us running our classes and programs.  We also collaborate with other individuals, small businesses and companies to run and offer various services and programs within the Fusion Fit Vision and Mission.


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