Fusion Fit

The Full Story


No excuses, just empowerment! We are here to help you find and do what works for you, to expose people to new and unique experiences, cultivate a community of like-minded individuals, and support growth, fun and excitement! An active fit healthy lifestyle starts here with us, not only in the gym but outside and on the water!

What we stand by

  • Fusion of fitness, wellness/well-being and active living

  • Nutrition > Balance and moderation, hormonal-metabolic optimization, fat loss lifestyle

  • Strength training, lifting, gym, training

  • Movement

  • Active lifestyle/living pursuits > SUP, adult gymnastics, outdoors, adventure, exploring new activities

  • Community

  • Rest and recovery, sleep, stress management

  • Satisfaction, fulfillment, longevity, sustainability

  • Intentional and intuitive living, eating, training

  • Awareness, conscious living, acceptance

  • Empowerment

Mission & Vision

Anyone can work out and get in shape. But it pays to do it the RIGHT way - where you're getting stronger, staying out of pain and injury, not having to spend tedious hours in the gym, and sustaining those habits and results for years to come. And our clients can’t stop raving about it! Our method of getting you where you want to go is why Fusion Fit is unique. We find out what’s really important to you and help guide each individual through a plan that works for them while being a part of the group training as a whole. This allows you to get to your ideal fitness level sooner, safer, and in a more timely and enjoyable way. Our staff will encourage you to strive towards your goals. We have everything you need - knowledge, experience and equipment. Start today.

Core Values & Beliefs

  • Moderation, Mindfulness

  • Do what works for YOU

  • Hormonal-metabolic balance

  • Intuitive & Intentional Movement, Training, eating, living

  • It’s a lifestyle, sustainable

  • Satisfaction, Fulfillment, enjoyment

  • Strength training + Movement & Active living

  • Growth, comfort zones

  • Self-care, personal development

  • Efficient, effective, easy, enjoyable

  • Rest based living and training