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The Fusion Fit Approach

Fusion Fit will help you reach your goals around:
Nutrition, Lifestyle, Hormones, Metabolism, Performance, Fitness, Wellness, Business…


Nutrition and Lifestyle is over 75% of the outcomes you achieve in your weight, in your fitness, in your performance, in any of the results you are going after. Start here with me by your side.

The Fusion Brand


We believe that living your best life, achieving your goals and finding balance is sustainable and can be done anywhere.


Say Yes To:

Gain a healthy balanced positive relationship with your body and food.


Feel empowered (self-awareness, self-trust, self-confidence, ownership) eating in any situation or environment.


 Learn how to Listen and understand your body it’s biofeedback cues, metabolism and hormones for better, more effective, easier, enjoyable, sustainable results/outcomes.


Do what works for YOU, including your own unique personal preferences, goals, and needs.


And No To:

No counting calories or tracking macros. No being tied to a meal plan. No obsession. No fear or anxiety around eating and food situations.  No feelings of deprivation or restriction. No going on and off a diet. No extremes or yo-yoing dieting.

Fusion Fit Philosophies and Practices:

  • Moderation365 and Balance

  • “Food Freedom: A ‘No Excuses, Anywhere’ Approach”

  • The “Fat Loss Lifestyle”

  • Metabolism

  • Mindfulness

  • Intuitive Eating and biofeedback

  • Self-Awareness

  • Hormonal-Metabolic Balance

  • “Do what works for you”

  • Physiological + Psychological + Psychosocial Aspects

My Story

I’m Rachel, and I’m a certified nutrition and lifestyle coach. I’m also the owner of Fusion Fit and certified personal trainer and fitness coach. A lot of people I’ve ran into lately when I tell them I train and work in the fitness industry have asked/opened up to me about their eating and nutrition.


I’ve been coaching clients on their eating, nutrition and lifestyle for over 10 years. I’ve had my own journey through food obsession, eating and losing weight, dieting, metabolic and hormonal imbalances, and troubles with my energy, hunger, cravings, mood, and more.


I’ve managed to attain and maintain my weight and fitness without endless counting, tracking, dieting and meal prepping in a healthy, stress-free non-restrictive way!

My Background in Nutrition covers:

  • Moderation365, Food Freedom + Balance - an entire system that frees you from diets, obsession, bingeing, extremes and unhealthy eating habits. Find balance and achieve food freedom AND lose/maintain weight.

  • Metabolism, Hormones, Hormonal-Metabolic Balance + The Fat Loss Lifestyle - you are either working for or against your body’s metabolism. Manage your hormones and metabolism, get your HEC in check, tune in to your biofeedback cues.

  • Intuitive Eating and Mindfulness - cultivate a healthy relationship with food and our bodies, delve into mindset and how your thoughts, beliefs, stories have shaped your food choices and ultimately why you are where you are, then find solutions and a plan to put into action.

  • Lifestyle - optimizing and prioritizing sleep, stress + time management, active living and movement, and exercise make up a well-rounded holistic lifestyle approach


Nutrition + Coaching Certifications and Credentials:

  • B.S. Movement Sciences (exercise and fitness) & Nutrition ….

  • Moderation365 Coach

  • Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Metabolic Effect Certified Nutrition Coach

  • NASM Behavior Change Specialist

  • NASM Weight Loss Specialist

  • Next Level Metabolism and Metabolic Female and Hormonal Fat Loss specialist

  • NESTA Weight Loss Specialist

  • NESTA Certified Wellness Coach

  • Certified personal chef

  • IDEA World Fitness Convention

  • Healthy Kitchens Healthy Lives conference

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