Stand and Paddle

by Fusion Fit

About Us, Our SUP Experiences & Services

Who We Are

A small business offering ALL things stand up paddle boarding

What We Do

Provide various SUP experiences and options to locals and tourists of all ages, abilities and interests.

Why We're Here

Our Mission

To help and empower you to successfully stand up while paddle boarding and become an efficient paddler whether you want to SUP just for fun, recreationally or take things further competitively or professionally.

Our Goals

  • To Have Fun

  • To Empower you

  • Enjoy paddling

  • Get you successfully standing up to paddle

  • Help you be an efficient paddler so you get the most out of your SUP time

  • Boost confidence

  • Feel comfortable

  • Build community

  • Provide a safe and welcoming space/environment to learn and do SUP

How We Do It

Group and 1-1 SUP experiences both on our regularly scheduled on our weekly/monthly calendar and by appointment

  • Recreational or competitive/professional experiences

  • Groups or 1-1 options

  • All ages, from our Youth and Teen Program to older adults

  • Weekly and monthly scheduled paddles on our calendar or book by appointment

  • Guided by our experienced coach and owner, Rachel, or one of our SUP instructors

Our SUP Experiences

Ways to Paddle With Us

We offer various ways to experience stand up paddle boarding with us at Stand and Paddle

take a look at our paddle and SUP experiences below.  View our monthly calendar for scheduled paddles.  Visit our scheduling app (link above or at bottom of page) to book, or visit our Facebook page under "events" to book scheduled paddles. Contact us to inquire further, book a private paddle.  

SUP 101 Lessons

Everything you need to know to stand up paddle board and become an efficient paddler for an easier, more enjoyable paddle experience including how to successfully stand up, paddle stroke technique, movement patterns, turning and maneuvering, and water/river awareness and safety. 1-1.25 hours. Wednesday afternoon/evenings, Saturday mornings, or by appointment. $75

SUP Rentals

Rent a paddle board to take out on the May River in Bluffton!  Rentals from 1 hour up to a day. SUP Fundamentals course is required once per season for all SUP rentals.  Rentals start at $30/hour (prorated each hour thereafter by the quarter hour), $65/half day, $90/full day.

Our signature SUP Fitness workout designed by Rachel Cantore of Stand and Paddle by Fusion Fit. Saturday and Sunday mornings. $30-40

SUPFit *coming soon*

SUP fitness-based workout to benefit SUP performance, movement patterns, and paddle technique for beginner to advanced, recreational to competitive paddlers. 

Stand and Paddle SUP Race Team

Both recreational competitive options. Give yourself something to work and train for, and a community to train and paddle with.  Please contact us to inquire or join our team!

Special Events & Occasions

Whatever you want to celebrate we’ve got you covered.  Birthday, bachelorette party, team building, vacation, family activities, or something else. Look us up on AirBnb experiences, visit our facebook page under events, or view our monthly calendar. $55-65

Register Today. Get certified in Paddle Fused Fitness and become a Paddle Fused Fitness Coach.  2-day NASM/AFAA CEC-approved course.  Next course November 12th and 3th 2022.

Land SUP Training

Take your SUP training to the next level with fitness training on land.  Cross training in the gym, home, or other environment is helpful to build your strength, balance, power and aerobic base. Please inquire.

SUP Fundamentals

The very basics to simply get you on the water, including SUP basics, water/river safety, and wind/weather so you have the basic skills/tools to navigate our waters. Part of all our Guided tours, special event paddles and Paddle Fused Fitness. Required for SUP rentals (once per season). Please allow15-25 minutes. $30

Stand and Paddle Practice

A group coaching/open gym paddle on the water. Practice your SUP technique and skills. Advance in a social setting. 1 hour. Typically Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. $20-25

Start them young! “Kids don’t float, sink or swim. They paddle board!” SUP is for Everyone. Children and teens can learn to stand up paddle board too!  Our Program teaches children and teenagers how to SUP. Weekly classes by age. Private lessons also available. Inquire about the Youth SUP Race Team.

SUP League & Thursday Night Race League (TNRL) Bluffton/HHI

Paddle like you mean it. Paddle 2-5 mile course amongst groups of paddlers of various skills levels. Choose to paddle for fun/leisure or friendly competitive race pace. Understanding of basic SUP 101 skills necessary and ability to paddle minimum of 1.5 miles. This SUP option offers the least amount of coaching/instruction of what we offer.  $5-15

Guided Paddle Tours

Take the guesswork and effort out of exploring our waterways and experiencing SUP.  Try a sunrise, sunset, sandbar, and our popular Full Moon Paddles. Search for our paddles in AirBnb Experiences, view on our monthly calendar,  or visit our facebook page under events. $55-65

Private Paddles by Appointment

We offer private paddle board tours, lessons, and group events for individuals and groups of up to 10 individuals by appointment.  Contact us to book or inquire.

SUP Coaching Sessions & Technique Training

Take your SUP skills to the next level, master your paddling, improve your technique, correct and prevent pain and injury risk, get into sup racing or surfing, simply gain confidence and skill.  Please inquire. Starting at $75

Off-Season Paddle Fused Fitness

We have plenty of options throughout the year to experience the benefits and fun of SUP!  

A Few Other Things


  • We operate all our local paddles from the Bluffton Oyster Factory Park where we start out with land introduction and instruction then head out onto the beautiful May River in Bluffton, SC.

  • Our waters are full of nature, fish dolphins and other living marine life, sand bars, oyster beds, and more! Weather, winds, temps, tides and currents all factor into booking paddles.

  • We have our own fleet of paddle boards which we provide participants (unless you have your own and want to bring it). Our paddle boards are custom designed and used for recreational, fitness, yoga, and touring.

  • We do NOT rent out boards. The main reason for this is safety and confidence. We want you to have the BEST experience while stand up paddling and in order to do that we want to provide you with the guidance, support, coaching, and expertise both on land and on the water, and just handing you a board and Paddle will limit that. Plus, we do have tides/currents, winds, and oyster beds to take into consideration that for the inexperienced paddler and especially those unfamiliar with our waters can make paddling solo extra guesswork and effort. As coaches and instructors/guides want take this guesswork out of the equation for the best experience.

  • No experience necessary to SUP with us! We want to help as many people learn to SUP and successfully stand up while paddle boarding. Our boards accommodate up to 280 pounds and comfortably accommodate one person. We have done tandem Adult paddles to the sand bar, Adult-child paddles, and Adult + dog paddles which entail a slightly different experience.

  • Children and teens may learn to SUP too (conditions apply).