Small Group Personal Training

The Complete Training + Lifestyle Package

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Members get

all the benefits and values of our SGPT Program laid out...

  • Pick between 2 or 3 SGPT sessions weekly. Sessions are 45-min strength and resistance training workouts, a personal training experience in a small group setting, groups of up to 6 members.

PLUS all the following too:

  • Guidelines on Movement and physical activity to supplement SGPT sessions. What movement entails, list suggested activities to do, how often, when, duration, movement versus cardio/aerobic base vs other forms of exercise such as intervals and circuit style training.

  • Nutrition and lifestyle handbook. Covers portions, 3PS and 5S meals, our Fusion Fit Approach, recommended meal plan templates and food lists, foundations of metabolism, balance + moderation365, and mindfulness + intuitive eating. Lifestyle entails environment and social factors, mindset, NEAT, and your day to day.

  • Sleep and recovery guidelines. Recommendations for optimal sleep and why it’s so important. Recovery methods, recommendations and guidelines.

  • Quarterly performance progress testing. Assessment and questionnaire to determine your current fitness and personal goals.

  • Savings on other classes, programs, challenges and services through Fusion Fit. Up to 50% off Adult gymnastics, NinjaFit, fusion classes. Special rates on quarterly challenges. Priority scheduling for coaching and private sessions. Member only rates on stand up paddle boarding.

  • 24-hour gym access

  • Community member meetups, celebrations

Session Days + Times

We have a few time blocks for members to choose from. 

6:30 am Sessions - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

8:30 am Sessions - Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

5:15 pm Sessions - Tuesday and Thursday

**Coming in 2023!** 12:00 lunchtime Sessions 

*Package pricing is based on number of sessions weekly.

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