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You’re Wasting Your Time Doing Cardio. Here’s why...

I used to be a cardio queen.

I’d do hours of cardio DAILY.

Running, elliptical (various brands), swimming, walks.... yep 🙋🏼‍♀️.

It didn’t start like that though. I actually committed to a goal of running from my home to the downtown of my hometown and back - a perfect 3 mile loop, for my mind and mood.

Fast forward and somewhere along the way, I got it in my head that I needed to do ‘x’ minutes of cardio each day and time I went to the gym. It became an issue when I felt like I was spinning my wheels. It became harder and harder to maintain a healthy weight, and I experienced chronic hunger, cravings, mood swings and energy dips.

Eventually, I reached a point where I was so worn down I had no other choice but to give in - either doing my ‘planned’ exercise, binging on anything I could get my hands on namely sweets, or a combination of both.

It was a low time that would take me years to grow through.

Through learning a ton through my continuing education - courses on the metabolism, body composition and fat loss, and hormones - I not only came to understand the body to a greater degree and how the metabolism and hormones work, but I began applying the vast amount of useful science and research.

Why share this with you?

I’m sharing my story because I’ve been there. I’ve taken things to extremes. I’ve gone overboard with my cardio. I’ve fallen off track, felt like crap, been stuck and frustrated. I’ve experienced not knowing what to do, and even knowing but not wanting to believe it was the answer ‘for me’ to actually put it into practice.

But, once I did. Once I began listening and implementing these tools and laws, I began feeling better, and seeing positive changes. I saw changes in my performance, my physique, in my energy, and how I looked.

I want to help you. I’m going to help you understand your metabolism and listen to your body so you don’t so you don’t have to reach the point I did.

I’m going to help you transform your body and mind so you’re fitter, leaner, and stronger. The RIGHT way.

The biggest lesson: that “Cardio is a waste of your time” if you want to transform your body, fat loss, and to avoid plateaus or yo-yo exercising and dieting cycles.

There are three major reasons why cardio is a time waste.

1 cardio is catabolic. Too much of the wrong kind (moderate to high intensity long duration) is going to break down tissue rather than build lean muscle. The thing is you WANT lean muscle because it supports your metabolism, and makes fat loss and weight management much easier.

2 cardio works against your Metabolism. Going a step further, if you don’t have enough lean muscle your metabolism won’t function so well. Plus, when you do cardio the same way and amount on the reg your metabolism adapts and you plateau. When this happens the common solution we think we need to take is to do more or harder cardio, which may work initially, however if you keep pushing eventually you’ll hit a wall which brings me to reason number 3....

3 cardio leads to Burnout and overtraining. Are you hungry all the time? Experience cravings that show up often? How about low energy or unstable mood?

All these are because something with your metabolism and hormones are out of check. Your hunger, energy and cravings all tell you about your metabolism and hormones. If they are off balance then something internally is also off. Cardio is a stress to the body and when you keep putting a stress on the body for lengthy periods of time and without ample rest and recovery between bouts stress also impairs you’re metabolism.

So, if you want to transform your body, shed fat, and maintain your goal weight you need to work WITH your metabolism, not against it.

Cardio works AGAINST the metabolism.

What works for your metabolism?

Strength training and weight lifting.

I’ve developed a Training Program that will transform your body, build lean muscle so you’re burning fat, so you’re working with your metabolism.

Get #TransformIn8 now!

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