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You know what to do, but are you doing this one thing that will make or break your success?

You know what to do, but are you doing what it takes to get there? There’s one thing that will make of break whether you reach your goal and achieve those results you long for. This one thing is also what allows you to maintain that success for the long haul.

In life, creating a lifestyle out of fitness, exercising, eating according to your goals... well this all takes tiny habits and behaviors that you implement day in and day out until they become second nature to you.

It takes CONSISTENCY to get where you want to get. You just cannot do someone once, you cannot just do it when you feel like it, and you cannot just do it once in a while.

Consistency goes hand in hand with Accountability and Discipline. Being accountable to yourself and your actions, and being disciplined to your goals whether you feel like it or the conditions are ideal or not.

Consistency requires SHOWING UP. Even if you’re not perfect, even if you’re still working on improvements. Showing up will allow you to practice what you need to improve and make progress along the way.

No one’s going to do it for you, and you can’t just wish and hope for something to happen.

Consistency calls on you to instill trust, faith, patience, and work into what you’re doing. Learning and practicing being present and using what you can here and now to build, cultivate and create what you want later.

Pushing through uncertainty and having belief that if you’re consistent and mindful in action you can navigate the road.

Consistency is how you stay motivated, overcome any obstacle, and achieve your huge goal.

Consistency isn’t complicated. It’s not mysterious. You just do a little bit, every day.

Consistency is something you choose.

Small progress, every day.

All you need to do today is the basic fundamentals. Just a little bit. Then go to bed, rest, and do a little more tomorrow.


This is how you remain consistently motivated, overcome any obstacles, and reach a truly huge goal.

If you can do it every day, you’ll be enormously successful. Why? Because so few people do their small progress, every day. If you want to, you can achieve your biggest goal, and it probably won’t take you nearly as long as you’d expect.

Just do a little bit of work, every day.

Consistency beats luck. Consistency beats talent. It beats good intentions, dream boards, and connections.

Just do it today. And again tomorrow.

Want to stay consistent to your health, eating, and fitness through the end of 2019?

Adding in accountability and support of like-minded individuals and knowledgeable people adds to your consistency, commitment and success.

Sound like something up your alley?

Then join me starting November 3rd for our Year End Challenge.

With the program you’ll get nutrition and lifestyle guidelines you can customize to your needs and goals, and you’ll learn how to approach your eating and lifestyle with mindful and intuitive practices rather than dieting.

Plus, if you choose, you can join our Group Training for a packaged deal and come to unlimited workouts the entire 5 weeks of the challenge!

Ready to join the challenge, or have questions you’d like answered? Send a message today.

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