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Why you’re not actually losing weight, Reason #1:

Why you’re not actually losing weight, Reason #1: You’re eating too much

This one's pretty simple to state, yet it’s frustrating when we think we’re eating less but actually end up breaking even or having even more than we need.

How does this happen?

Most commonly it’s because of the ways food sneaks into our meals and mouths.

  • A few extra bites, licks or tastes here and there

  • Justifying reasons to eat extra food because you were active or worked out today

  • Not measuring food, or not paying attention to serving sizes and portions

  • Serving up more than you need and eating it all

  • Finishing your plate

  • Using oversized dishes to eat off of

  • Eating mindlessly

  • Drinking your calories

Looking at all these reasons, it’s no wonder you’re eating too much.

Fortunately it’s as simple as becoming more mindful and adjust each of these sneaky ways so they work for you not against you.

When #TransformIn8, my fitness training program launches in June, you have the option to also join me for nutrition and lifestyle accountability coaching which we will go over how to eat sustainably without dieting or extremes and enjoy it.

#TransformIn8 will also include just the right amount of Training to get you results without leaving you tired and hungry like some weight loss programs do which may lead you to overeating.

I’m sending out some free #TransformIn8 beta workouts prior to the official launch that happens next week, and beta group will get early access to snatch up the complete program and bonuses at a special low rate!

Get the free workouts here:

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