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Use Exercise for THIS, Not That

If you want strength, a healthy metabolism, to transform or change your body shape look at strength and weight training.

But if you want to lose weight, fat loss too, sustainability without forever harder work, look into your lifestyle and nutrition. Exercising to lose weight? Shed extra weight? Burn calories?

Don’t. Stop.

Hear me out here...

Yes, you DO need exercise and movement on a regular basis...but it’s not going to solve your weight struggles.

How many people embark on a workout routine only to get frustrated that they don’t lose weight, and that they don’t see much of a change in their body size or shape.

I know the struggle is real. Read on, as I’ll give you the solution below.

What exercise WILL do is keep you strong and keep muscle on you, and THIS will keep your metabolism and hormones healthy. Guess what? A healthy metabolism and balanced hormones will allow better fat loss, weight management and sustainability.

Where does fat loss and weight change come from then? Calorie deficit.

And the most influential pieces that can elicit a calorie deficit are...:

Your diet

Your lifestyle and movement

Your metabolism and hormones will support the diet and lifestyle and serve you in staying on track for long term.

Going to extremes, or just using exercise especially that of cardio, bootcamps, chronically high intensity workouts will mess with the metabolism and hormone balance.

That’s why primarily strength training and some metabolic conditioning is the answer. YES, fully utilize exercise to keep your metabolism but THIS type of exercise, in conjunction with diet and lifestyle and movement outside the gym will support results and sustainability.

Plus, it’s good for your overall health and wellness, longevity, performance, and staying pain and injury free!

That’s what Fusion Fit embodies. Strength and weight training based workouts. Supplementary metabolic conditioning. Encouraging movement and a physically active lifestyle. The Fusion brand also provides coaching and education on nutrition, lifestyle and mindset to round things out and ensure you get results and KEEP them. Enjoying it along the way as well!

It’s not a this or that approach, it’s a whole body whole life one.

See for yourself. Combined year end packages available now.

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