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Transformation is Completely Attainable Whether You’re At Home or Have The Gym

Transformation is completely attainable whether you’re at home or have the gym.

When I first started training, I would do it in my basement while in college.

The purpose of my stepping into my local health club was to swim and spend time in the summer sun. I ran because it was good for my mental health.

But, I lifted for my mind AND body, and I did it whether I had gym access or not.

You absolutely CAN get the results and reap the benefits of weight training m and resistance training wherever you are.

I’ve even broke it down for you in my #TransformIn8 Fitness Training Program!

I’m all about intentional, quality, effective training...anywhere! Which is where “No Excuses, Just Empowerment” comes from!

One of my original group training members and I came up with it one day and that’s because, whenever anyone would say to me they couldn’t do something - regardless of whether we were talking about an exercise, staying focused on their eating, or something else in their lifestyle, I’d still come up with a solution, thus beating each excuse sent my way.

To this day, I continue to take the same approach, with my clients, group training members, and in my own life.

What are your excuses? What are your challenges, obstacles, and struggles? Send them my way today! #Noexcusesjustempowerment

I’m sending out some free #TransformIn8 beta workouts prior to the official launch that happens next week, and beta group will get early access to snatch up the complete program and bonuses at a special low rate! Get the beta workouts here:

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