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Train Your Body To Burn Fat

Metabolic Training. Metabolic Conditioning. Metabolic Workouts.

These terms are thrown around everyone lately, but do you even know what them mean? Did you know you can benefit from Metabolic Training?

Let's clarify this once and for all right here.

Metabolic Training is a term used to describe a specific workout that includes both strength training and a cardiovascular demands. By utilizing both systems, you will tax the body in ways that will cause it to improve and do so in a shorter period of time than say a straight weight lifting session or cardio workout.

Strength exercises most commonly used for Metabolic Training workouts include those that are compound movements and that are simple or understood well enough by the individual that they can perform them repetitively. Compound movements include exercises that utilize multiple muscles, upper and lower body, and at multiple joints - think of a shoulder press, squat, pullup, or deadlift.

The cardiovascular component of your Metabolic Training workout comes by implementing a rest-based training method. Rest-based training is a way of pushing yourself until you have to pause, then resting just long enough until you can push again, You want to push until the weight get TOO heavy, your muscles burn TOO much, or your form becomes poor. AMRAPs, or as many rounds as possible, style workouts where you are repeating the same few exercises for given reps until the time is up is a common style of Metabolic Training. Doing some sort of plyometric, cardio burst, or other high rep/high intensity exercise will serve to get the heart rate up and tax the body in positive ways.

So what's the benefit of Metabolic Training? Well, besides it being a GREAT workout to do that saves time by working both Strength and Cardio in one session, Metabolic Training optimized the body's Metabolism, and boosts muscular and cardiovascular fitness. The intensity and style of Metabolic Training workouts push the body to thresholds that force it to burn more calories BOTH during AND AFTER your workouts, but you won't only be burning more calories. You'll be BURNING MORE FAT! Short and intense workouts also serve to help the body's hormones and metabolism function well, you won't be overtraining or worn down. Plus, Metabolic Training sessions seriously help you bust through plateaus - be it weight, body change, a total transformation, performance, or overall fitness.

Metabolic Training can be adapted to the individual, with modifications made given their current fitness level and any limitations or weaknesses they have. It's really the PERFECT workout to include in your exercise regimen.

Fusion Fit Training Workouts include Metabolic Training in their sessions. Have you been to one of our workouts yet? If not, come on over!

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