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Top 10 Reasons You Need To Be Strength & Weight Training

Post competitive club gymnastics years, I first approached exercising with the mindset of burning as many calories as possible approach. What did I do to burn calories then?

Well, cardio of course. This helped a bit, but I also didn’t see any real body change or leaning out after gaining that freshman 15+. So, I finally gave in and started incorporating some body weight training. I slowly grew into weights and lifting, but it’s been a journey. I thought I could do both, or I had to do both lifting and cardio to get results, but that ended up backfiring. I not only stripped lots of precious muscle, but eventually hit a bottom point where I was overtrained, my metabolism was fighting me and nothing I did was working more wasn’t working, harder wasn’t either What DID work? Setting aside that cardio and really getting into weights and strength training. It’s been a journey, but my body has completely transformed! I don’t need to do tons of cardio to get the results or the health benefits of exercise. I have better energy and more stable hunger and limited cravings (well besides a bit around that time of the month 🤪 haha). Anyhow, here are the Top 10 reasons you too need to be Lifting Weights:

  1. Boost metabolism - it's muscle mass that has the greatest impactful influence on your metabolism and when your metabolism is functioning well you'll be able to manage your weight and burning even while you're asleep.

  2. Tighten up flabbiness - losing weight is just going to leave you skinny, loose and flabby. It's muscle that creates tightness and leanness.

  3. Prevent age related weight gain - the greatest reason we gain weight as we age is that we don't move as much in conjunction with age related muscle loss. But you can offset both of these things by simply (A) moving and (B) lifting to maintain that muscle mass. Use it or lose it.

  4. Prevent pain associated from high intensity exercise and aerobics - High impact, cardio or bootcamp style workouts are great for getting you sweaty and breathless, but without a strong base that's going to add up on your joints creating pain and putting you at risk of injury. Strength built from lifting builds muscle which protects your joints.

  5. Boost performance - Physical and mental performance improves with regular strength and weight training. Keep your brain healthy, mood up, and physical fitness strong.

  6. Increase speed and power in running, cycling and sports - Even for endurance sports, having more muscle and doing regular strength and weight training based cross training sessions will give you an extra edge, power and improve your performance. Hello PRs and 1st place finishes!

  7. Protect against bone loss and osteoporosis - The stimulus of strength and resistance training elicit bone growth and strength. As we age if we don't create the proper stimulus we will lose structure and integrity of our bones.

  8. Allows you to more easily maintain weight, burning more calories - each pound of muscle = 10-12 more calories burned at rest. Enough said.

  9. Transform your body and create a leaner and tighter physique - To truly transform your body shape, lean out, and have an aesthetic, toned figure lifting is where it's at. Sure you can't spot train, but you can develop muscles which develops body shape and figure.

  10. Overall improved wellbeing - body, mind, spirit, lifestyle. Weight and strength training builds confidence, boosts mood, supports longevity and vitality, stimulates brain health, and so much more.

What you gain in the gym carries over into the rest of your life. Start lifting today. Lift heavy. Keep lifting for life.

For more training support and guidance check out #TransfomIn8 Fitness Training Program.

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