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The Answers Are Being Mirrored Right Back At You

Client feedback and lesson learned and shared by a coaching client whom I’ve worked with for over 5 years during a coaching call this morning….

Her feedback and update included the following today:

She has learned and gained awareness that the “body is always telling you what to do, what it needs, and giving you information. Nowadays more than ever she has gained enough understanding to make useful choices with that information. It clicks now more than ever.

Recently, I shared a podcast with her on metabolism 101 which she followed up and took a listen to. She found it super informative. What are some of the takeaways?:

When first introduced and taught about the metabolism a few years ago it was around “checking your HEC” a practice around biofeedback or intuitive practices to gain awareness and listen to your body’s signs and signals it is always sending you. This was useful then, and brought some awareness and positive action.

Today, upon listening to this Metabolism 101 lesson, it makes even better sense. That is…

The Metabolism is a gauge. It’s a mirror to what you’re doing to your body. A Guide. The mirror is giving us information we can take and make useful, impactful decisions with that will serve us, support us and yield the outcomes we want (like improved performance, body composition, a healthy relationship with food, more effective workouts, etc)

She went on to add that most people don’t want to know the truth and the reality of this (how the metabolism works) and why it’s so important, and how what it’s always telling you is information that will empower you to make the right choices with.

Instead They just want to be told what to eat, train, do, etc.

But it doesn’t work that way. That’s because no two people are alike.

And without paying attention, understanding and honoring our metabolism and it’s cues and feedback, it ends up backfiring or not working at all.

You’ll end up following someone else’s approach, which is not made for YOU. And fighting and struggling and getting frustrated because well; you cannot just follow something someone else hands you, does, or works for them.

You have to figure out what works for YOU. And the only way you will do this is to become a detective, to learn and understand and practice tuning in and honoring your intuition, signs and signals.

A coach will help you do this. Not just give you answers, or tell you what to do. And for good reason.

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