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Spend More Time Living, Getting Better Results, When You Spend LESS Time Training

Spend more time living and getting better results when you spend LESS time training.

Whether you love working out or would rather stay out of the gym and away from strength training, let's face it... Living your life in the gym 24/7 just to get results like body change, fat loss, or improved performance can become well, exhausting.

I can't tell you how many people I talk to that express their need to spend hours working out and exercising just to get the results they want.

And even then, many of those same people are STILL struggling.

Or worse yet, they get results doing loads of cardio and some training but end up back where they started or worse off because they can't keep up with this way of living.

I've been there. I used to be that cardio bunny, obsessed with getting just the right amount of training and gym time in. I worked my butt off to lose weight and that included a lot of cardio, running, swimming, and some weights.

It was fun while it lasted, but fast forward a few months and years, and eventually the intensity and volume caught up to me. I was worn out, my sleep was off, hunger and cravings were constant, and all those results I'd worked so hard for began diminishing because my body was fighting against me.

See the metabolism does not like extremes, and doing too much too hard for too long is extreme. I created an extreme calorie deficit and for my body and metabolism to protect me, it slowed itself down which meant I burned less even though I was still working extremely hard.

Add to this that constantly training and exercising gives the body no time to recover and actually reap the benefits of our workouts. The magic happens during our rest and down time - that's when we gain muscle and strength and support our metabolism.

The goal of training is NOT to do as much as you can to get where you want to get.

The goal of Training IS to do the **least amount necessary to get the best results**.

This is where training smarter and wiser comes in.

Training intentionally.

Do just enough to stimulate your muscles so that they can serve to support your metabolism, transform your body, and allow you to get the results you are after be it fat loss, body composition, strength and performance, weight management, or something else.

It's time for you to train effectively and intentionally so you are getting the best results possible and fully enjoying your life beyond the gym and walking with loads of confidence!

So, I'm bringing you #TransformIn8 - a fitness training program that is simple and to the point.

This is the last week you can get on the beta list for the program and try some free workouts that are going into the complete program. Plus, early access to get the entire training program once it launches June 2nd before anyone else!

Sign up here >>>>

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