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So you want to get toned?

When most women talk about toning up, what they want is more visible definition, less fat covering which results in the appearance of leaner sculpted arms, legs, belly and midsection.

Am I right?!

Here’s the thing, in order to get toned, you can’t just go doing cardio and high intensity bootcamps in order to just burn calories.

You need to have enough muscle to create the shapely desirable figure you’re actually after.

THEN, you can focus a bit more on the uncovering part. But by then, because you have more muscle = a better metabolism, you’ll be able to burn off that layer of fat much easier!

How’s that for a win!?

Now, don’t go freaking out on me that you’ll bulk up or look manly, cause that’s just bs. Women, due to hormonal differences, aren’t going to have this issue so trust me, you’ll only gain a sexy, shapely, aesthetic figure by toning up the right way.

Oh and plenty of confidence and strength too!

What does it take to tone up the right way? (Meaning building some quality, lean muscle tissue)

Check it out below.

Then, make sure to sign up for my #TransformIn8 Fitness Training Program Beta list! The program is exactly what you need to tone up - it hits all these points. Plus, I’m sending out some free beta workouts prior to the official launch, and beta listers will get early access to snatch up the program at a special reduced rate too! (Link in my profile @fusionfittraining)

  • Train with Weights - not only does lifting weights increase muscle, but it also reduces body fat! That’s because muscle is more metabolic AND burns more fat. A twofold benefit! Plus, muscle mass improves insulin sensitivity allowing you to handle carbs better rather than store them all as fat.

  • Train major muscles with compound, multi-joint exercises. Think squats, deadlifts, pulling/rowing, pull-ups, and presses.

  • Lift heavy - gone are the days where ladies don’t pick up more than 5 pound dumbbells. Your purse weighs more than that! Sets of 8-15 reps should be challenging and muscles feeling a burn. If you can keep going well past that 15 without a rest, it’s time to increase weight. With this said, it’s ok to rest. In fact you’ll probably need to in between, so use it.

  • Keep cardio to short duration high intensity intervals, circuits, AMRAPs or MetCons. High intensity sprint and interval training is great because it SL doesn’t stimulate the stress response (adrenals and cortisol) like long duration steady state cardio does, and it creates a significant afterburn effect (raising your metabolic rate for up to 24 hours, even at rest and sleeping)

  • Bump up the load even more every so often. Even if you’re going heavier most of your sessions, it’s perfectly fine to push your limits some more occasionally to stimulate greater changes and avoid adaptation and plateaus. Same goes for a deload period or some lighter load training for short periods of time - think 2-5 days every 4-6 weeks.

  • Go high protein - protein is gold when it comes to fat loss, body composition, body transformation, managing hunger and cravings, and stabilizing energy. Without directing any other nutritional changes, increasing protein intake may impact your metabolism and the rest of your food choices without putting much extra thought or effort.

  • Eat enough, eat smart, eat wisely. Just don’t do the whole calorie restriction thing. Think balance, moderation. You need enough food to sustain your daily lifestyle and support your training. If you’re always in a deficit, dieting, you simply won’t be able to add that lean muscle mass that is going to help you in the first place.

  • Include some good fat - fat is important for hormone balance, brain function, and yes even fat burning itself. It also is an excellent hunger suppressor and cravings tamer when paired with lean protein or fiber rich produce. Think of garnishing you’re food with some good quality fat.

  • Be strategic with carbs - choose quality whole food starchy carbs primarily. Consume them when it most matters - ie, post workout, evening for dinner to induce serotonin and aid sleep, maybe in the afternoon or lunch to stave off energy dips.

  • Prioritize enough good sleep and recovery - the magic happens when you sleep. You reap the rewards of your training when you recover well.

  • Movement - light walking, stretching, yoga support blood flow and recovery and lessen soreness and stiffness thus allowing you to train hard when it’s time next.

For help determining your protein intake or figuring out your needs, reach out, contact@rachelsfusion.

Here's a link to the #transformin8 beta workouts:

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