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Saying NO to Your Favorite Foods is Why You Fail to Get Results

The moment you tell yourself you can’t, shouldn’t, have something you put it on a pedestal. The allure is there, the desire and thoughts about it remain, while feelings of longing, restrain and deprivation build up.

This ain’t enjoyable.

Personal story: I’ve went through three significant cycles in my life where I went from balanced to extreme restriction to throwing in the towel and overindulgence. I’ve learned something about myself and moderation in eating and life each one. I want to address the second one here.

In the middle end of college while I was studying nutrition and exercise itself, I was able to consciously lose the freshman-15 I’d gained after retiring from competitive gymnastics and “living life up” and I did it all while STILL eating my favorite foods and NOT counting calories.

I would intentionally include 1-3 of my favorite tasting foods in my daily eating to get the taste of them. It gave me just enough to say ‘I’m good’ until next time, and I’d allow next time to happen on the reg.

I fell in love with food, eating, and my body doing this.

Somewhere along this point, something pulled me away and out of this mindset and distracted me. I had transformed myself so much, I was soon encouraged to train and compete in a fitness bikini show.

The problem I ran into was the conflicting information. Suddenly, I was being told a variety of food rules and shoulds to do around my eating. I was also told I couldn’t eat all my favorite foods if I wanted to achieve the physique I would be going after in order to win.

I look back now and recognize how completely absurd and influenced I was.

Next thing I knew I was scared snd battling in my head whether or not to eat certain foods or not. I stopped listening to my body and personal cues and started obsessing over the external.

This soon led me to a vicious extreme cycle. I restricted and restrained myself so much I’d end up ravenously hungry and with terrible cravings. Both nearly insatiable. I was a mess!

These days, I’ve reclaimed my inner wisdom, practicing mindfulness and self-awareness and I prioritize this and not external factors, comments, or beliefs.

It works! It’s the ONLY thing that’s worked! And I will work for you too!

I will teach you exactly how to get in tune and listen and honor YOUR body, preferences and needs. Understand your cues and feedback, understand your metabolism. Free yourself from dieting and food rules, and be empowered with a healthy relationship with food, eating and your body for life.

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