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Plateaued, Stuck, Worn Out, On The Verge of Burnout?

You could be doing too much, pushing too hard, going all out (in the wrong way) and your body (it’s metabolism - the fat burning furnace) could be saying ‘screw you, I’m going to keep you right here’, ... no changes for you!

Trust me, I know, if you’re stuck and doing everything you can to prevent gaining and just want to see

the scale shift downward the last thing you want to hear is, “Do Less” or “stop doing so much”.

So here’s what to do instead....

Get More Intentional.

Focus more, slow down the tempo, shift from cardio/endurance for intensity to adding resistance and tension.

Form and technique go a LOOONG way and even the top athletes and leanest fittest people still incorporate technique, drills, and practice on form and execution. You shouldn’t be any different!

Instead of boot camps, CrossFit, AMRAPS, group fitness classes, aerobics, long slow distance cardio...

Shift to intentional, focused strength, conditioning and resistance training.

You’d be surprised when you put enough focus and effort into this sort of workout just how much you will get out of these sessions!

Your body will change, you’ll build muscle and boost metabolism, increase strength and fitness, and lose those pounds that are hanging around.

If you’re curious about doing this I’ve got just the thing for you!

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