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Pain Be Gone!

If you know me, you know I don’t often or regularly promote and share any certain products or programs.  I don’t stand behind and sell any one, single company or service.  I won’t add a side business to earn money selling a product or service.  If a friend or client inquires about a topic or item and I know about it and I am able steer them in a good direction, I will gladly share what I know and what options are out there.  Long story short, I’m a terrible sales person, haha, but I am happy to inform you of what I enjoy if you ask.

When I do find something I love, that I have excellent experience with, and that I am super excited about I do admit it’s hard to keep myself quiet about it. I do know there are many people, members and friends and family alike, who experience chronic pain and have random injuries here or there for whatever reason.  I for one, have experienced chronic shoulder/rotator cuff/biceps tendon pain since I was about 16 when I injured my shoulder stretching as a gymnast.  I also am cautious about my low back as I had stress fractures also as a gymnast.  Both of these past injuries still nag at me here and there if I’m not cautious of my form, training, recovery, and movement. 

Honestly, the shoulder impingement has been so chronic that I haven’t not experienced some sort of issue with it in years.

But about a week ago that changed…

I tried something, something new.  No training or exercise related.  Recovery related. It’s called PEMF, and if you’re in Bluffton, you may know there’s now a place to go for PEMF.  Well, I had the honor to get to go in and check out what they had to offer.  I’ll be honest, I am a skeptic on all fronts until someone proves me wrong, and not just with words, not just on the spot, but with longer term results and personal experience.

Well, after chatting with the owner, checking out what they have, he put me in a chair and placed a piece of equipment on my shoulder.  I sat there and chatted for about 15 minutes while this contraption made my muscles twitch, similar to a stim machine or tens machine if you’ve ever experienced that.  But, this gets deeper and therefore works on a deeper level. 

Again, I was not fully sold, but hey, may as well give it a shot.  I wrapped up my time there and was on my way.

What I realized not long after, and throughout the entire following day, days, and week was…. My pain was GONE!  I mean disappeared!  I had full range of motion, no dull ache, no sense of nerve twitching, NOTHING.  I felt like a new person.  I know it’s hard to believe, but I am serious here!

So what is PEMF?  It’s high powered Pulse ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy.

What does PEMF therapy do? PEMF therapy introduces a powered magnetic field to non-performing areas of the body in order to activate those dormant cells and return them to a healthy, productive state.

From general health, pain relief, sciatica, athlete performance & recovery, mental health including anxiety and depression, neurological and autoimmune conditions, thyroid and neuropathy, PEMF is researched to help with all of these situations.

If you’re a Fusion Fit Group Training Member or are in Bluffton and want to get out of pain or improve your wellbeing, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Revive PEMF.

When you do contact and go in, let them know Rachel with Fusion Fit sent you and they will hook you up!  If you want to know more about my experience or have any questions I can answer let me know any time! 


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