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Not Everything You Think You Believe Is For a Fact Reality

The things we think can have a profound pull on the actions we take and what we believe our truth to be.

Food narratives and our conditioned stories and expectations around eating are no different. I’m talking about the phrases we repeat to ourselves often subconscious that are self-limiting. They’re holding you back from actually changing your relationship with food you your body, how you eat.

Some examples of Food Narratives holding you back and sabotaging your success?: * I don’t deserve it * I don’t have the willpower to accomplish this * I’ll be hungry if I don’t finish it all * I’ll fail if I don’t have a plan to follow * Any change I make will be minor, and barely noticeable * I have a tendency to fail at things like this * I don’t have the time * I’m selfish if I say “no” * I’m too out of shape for this to work * I can’t have food freedom until I’m at a “healthy” weight * If I give myself unconditional permission to eat anything at anytime, I’ll eat uncontrollably * If I allow myself to eat whatever I want, I’ll only want “unhealthy” foods * I can’t find time to cook healthy’ * ‘I can’t eat carbs as they’re evil and I’ll most definitely out on weight’ * If I allow myself to eat more during the day, I’ll end up overeating later

Reality is, these are not your truth. But, your words can feel like your truth if you’re not conscious of them.

If you want a new outcome, start by reframing yourself old narratives and long held beliefs around food and your body.

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