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Meet Your Coach and Trainer... Rachel Cantore - part 1: Education and Background.

Fusion Fit and Fusion Coaching offers a local group training program and coaching services in the Lowcountry as well as online distance services. What is it about Fusion Fit and Fusion Coaching that sets us apart from other workout spaces and coaches?

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Rachel Cantore, owner and founder of Fusion Fit and Fusion Coaching to bring you up to speed on her background and education and how it will help you on your journey!

I went to college at University of Illinois at Chicago where I studied and graduated with a dual bachelors degree in Movement Sciences and Nutrition. Movement sciemce is another fancy name akin to Kinesiology or Exercise Science. My concentration was in Exercise & Fitness though I also did a lot of coursework on Exercise Physiology as I had intended to go that route and pursue Physical Therapy before changing my major of study.

During college, I was fortunate to be able to take a number of specialty courses on Psychology of Exercise and Psychology of Eating, Training Program Design (following the NSCA-CSCS course, exercise testing according to ACSM, sport medicine, stress management, behavior change and food science. I also took courses for a Psychology minor.

I took my NASM Personal Trainer certification my last year of college, then followed it up with NASM Corrective Exercise and NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist courses. Both of these courses I enjoyed, but the corrective exercise one I came to implement more with my clients.

Over the years since graduating from UIC and becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, I have continued to add to my education. My interests have been in training, weight loss, fat loss, hormones, metabolism, behavior change, and psychology and the education I’ve pursued and completed reflects this.

I hold the following certifications and specialties:

  • Metabolic Effect Level 3 Hormonal Fat Loss Coach

  • Metabolic Effect Personal Trainer

  • NESTA Wellness Coach

  • NESTA Lifestyle Coach

  • NASM Behavior Change Specialist

  • NASM Weight Loss Specialist

  • NASM Group Training Specialist

  • Next Level University - Hormones, Metabolism, Fat Loss & Body Change

  • Metabolic Female

  • Precision Nutrition Nutrition Coach

I am an IDEA Fitness Professional and member and have attended the IDEA World Fitness Convention 5 times.

I am current on my CPR, and hold liability insurance.

I also have completed my personal chef certificate and food safety certification.

I'm an ongoing learner, I will always be seeking to learn and gain more education and knowledge then put it into application with my clients, members, and personal life.

In upcoming weeks, we will be introducing you to our other trainers and sharing more about Rachel and our team so you can get to know them and what we're all about. Stay tuned!

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