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Is the Fear of Being a Beginner holding you back

Do you ever get intimidated when you see someone doing something challenging?

Do you ever watch others struggle and say to yourself, "that looks so hard, there's no way I can do what they are doing if they are having such a hard time"?

What comes to mind when you put yourself in a position of looking like you don’t know what you’re doing, failing, being terrible, making a mistake, or messing up?

It’s all REAL. All of these feelings, fears and experiences are real life experiences and valid fears.

And that's perfectly ok, in fact normal to not only experience them, but to expect to experience them throughout our life.

What is more important is what we do with that fear. Do we allow it to keep us from attempting something and giving ourselves the chance at it.

Or the alternative, do we CHOOSE to feel that fear, then still ACT despite it being there. By DOING, we empower ourselves to fully experience, learn, grow, and even succeed.

The solution? The remedy? The reality?

We give too much attention to the outcome, the endpoint, the perfect performance, the things that look and come easy.

But the TRUTH is that "Easy is EARNED."

In order for us to overcome anything, our fears, hard stuff, our weaknesses, those things that challenge us... one must put in the work.

Intimidation arises from looking at things from too big of a picture, zooming far far out, comparing ourselves to others, or comparing our now to where we were before or wish and want to be but are not.

What builds confidence is developing competency through action, persistence, and consistency.

Some reminders and solutions to give our attention to instead:

  • The Practice, rather than final performance

  • The Process, rather than the outcome

  • The Present, rather than endpoint

  • Ourselves, rather than others

  • Where we are Here and Now, rather than where we once were

Break down big feats into smaller more manageable less overwhelming work.

I experience fear and intimidation too. I experience it in business when there's a skill I'm not versed in. In activities I’ve never done before or am new and less familiar with. In sports that I was once good at, but haven't practiced in a while.

I also coach people through this in fitness, training, diet, lifestyle, and on the water …

I also need this reminder, whether it’s my self-coaching, and even as coaches we need coaches or another voice and open ear to hear us too.

Start small, start somewhere, start with showing up.

What is something that intimidates you, something that feels overwhelming and your first instinct is "there's no way i can do that"? How can you reframe your view of this? What is something small you can do to move towards this fear?

Want some help? Contact me today and let's work together. Rachel,

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