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Grab & Go Food Picks knock excuses to eat right to the curb

“My no excuses grab and go food picks“

We’ve all had those days where we are running around, busy af, or stressed to the max and next thing you know your nutrition has fallen by the wayside. You skip a meal or two, or grab that office sweet and by the time you realize it you’re famished, low on energy and blood sugar, and your day unable to focus or train. But this doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, it’s just as easy to overcome this situation and find something that will leave you happy, satisfied, and able to continue on with your day.

First it truly does come down to your mindset. You really have to want to take care of yourself and prioritize fueling your body well, and thereby supporting your body and mind in taking on whatever tasks and jobs on your plate on any given day. Nutrition - fueling with quality food rich in nutrients, practicing portion control, being mindful, and eating what also satisfies your personal taste preferences - will get you much much farther than skipping eating or eating whatever.

Have your mind in the game? Great! Now it’s time to actually make those food choices. That’s where I’ve come to the rescue and gathered a quick list of my top and tasty food picks and tricks for when I have a busy day, am out on the run, or don’t feel like cooking after working all day but want to eat well AND enjoy my food.

Here’s that list. Of course, these are my top picks. As always I stress to start here, then branch out, experiment and cultivate a list that works specially for YOU. ;-)

✅Precooked all-natural chicken or turkey sausage ✅Tuna in olive oil

✅Rotisserie or precooked chicken

✅Any precooked protein - think leftover salmon, chicken, lean ground beef or steak

✅Salad greens/lettuce, always keep on hand for a quick simple salad. (Try adding my favorite Ginger dressing or Tessemae’s lemon garlic vinaigrette 😋) * I made a ROCKING delicious and satiating salad for lunch today (sorry I ate before I snapped a pic) which had greens, pepper, onion, and tuna with ginger dressing.

✅Protein shake fixings:

• Protein powder

• Unsweetened cashew-almond milk

• Frozen cauliflower, or salad greens....fat source or frozen fruit depending on your needs

✅Dark chocolate - 85% or greater Lindt mint or sea salt

✅Summer rolls, veggie - I grab these from Kroger right by my work, precut into bite size pieces and super simple and clean. They are fun to make yourself too, just take a little prep work!

✅Salad bar fixings

✅Run to a grocery store. Scope out veggies, fruits and protein in the: • produce section• natural and prepared proteins• frozen section• salad or food bar

✅Oranges, berries, etc - a TON better than candy or dessert

✅Frozen foods to stash at home or at the office:

• Broccoli and mixed veggies

• Berries

• Ground lean sirloin, sausages, fish/salmon, chicken

• frozen meals on clearance like the eggplant parm by Cedarlane I snatched up for less than half price recently at Kroger.

When thinking about what to grab or keep on hand, keep the following in mind:

• You want something that’s going to keep your hunger and cravings tamed, and energy stable so you’re not jittery, falling asleep, hungry and hour later or uncomfortably stuffed • Also find something that TASTES good to YOU. Satisfaction is the piece of the puzzle diets often ignore. No more plain boring meals or cookie cutter plans when everyone’s preferences are slightly different.

• Think outside the box - truly stoping at the grocery store either in between your day, or once or twice a week instead of pulling in a drive though IS completely worth it! Plus, you get in some bonus steps, aka Movement!

• Specifically Prioritize Protein and Produce (Veggies, some low sweet fruit) rich choices. Consider flavor and good fat to round and balance out your choice. Self-determine how starches and carbs may fit in for you - think in ‘bites’.

• The amount you eat does not have to be a huge full meal, in fact our eyes are often larger than our stomachs. On the other hand, if you only eat once or twice a day (totally reasonable for some) a decent sized nutrient rich meal is ample and suitable. #youdoyou Do you already have some favorite picks?

Share them by replying to me or and #rachelsfusion on social media/Instagram!

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