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Extremes are stressful. The middle ground of exercise/training and eating.

The middle ground of exercise/training and eating

Extremes are stressful. They perpetuate cycles of all-or-nothing and lack of sustainability.

Extremes include: * Eat less exercise more (the dieting approach) * Eat more exercise less (sedentary inactive lifestyle, checked out, worn out)

You WANT to find a middle ground, balance, moderation..

The whole goal is to balance energy input and output, and there’s two ways to do this (below).

The Middle ground is: ~ ELEL (eating less, exercising less) - fat loss, maintenance, winter, just enough ~ EMEM (eating more exercising more) - muscle, metabolism, sustainability supporting, athletes

Too often What happens is we either consistently begin to either eat more, exercise less, or metabolism naturally declines with age (and lack of muscle stimulating weight training exercise).

What we can/need to be doing though is self-adjusting/regulating our intake and output. In other words, if were less active, eat less. If more active, eat some more. Both to support our needs and goals and offset weight gain and fat storage.

Building a foundation around your eating IS the starting point and doing so makes it easier to achieve that balance. A Foundation of mindfulness, moderation, abundance, and focal points.

Get started with the Food Freedom Accelerator and build your foundation!

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