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Bootcamps and Group Ex Classes are the WORST workouts for body change, transformation and fat loss.

Bootcamps, circuit training, group exercise classes, high intensity interval training... These common workouts that you turn to for burning calories and losing weight are actually working against you.

So, I’m going to clear the air today and tell you why and what to do instead.

For years, you’ve thought you needed to burn calories, get sweaty, and keep your heart rate up when you workout if you we’re going after some sort of body change, weight loss or transformation. Right?

Moving was the goal, and intensity added on was all the better. Going all in meant getting as much in in as little time possible. Sound ‘extreme’? Yep, that’s because it is.

Well, I’m here to tell you, you’re doing it all wrong, and there are three major reasons why this is the truth.

1. Bootcamps and high intensity interval/circuit workouts stress the body which slows fat burning.

To burn fat you need a few key things. A calorie deficit is a given. But, you also need hormonal metabolic balance. Stress throws off this balance, and when the body is out of balance it will do anything to protect itself, including slow or stop fat burning, and increase hunger and cravings. Cortisol and the adrenals are what we think about when it comes to stress. Well, bootcamps and high intensity long duration workouts and exercise raise cortisol.

Now, it’s ok for cortisol to rise for short periods of time, but when it remains elevated - such as by putting the body under stress for too long or without ample rest periods - it remains elevated, which stop our progress. Not only does stress and chronically elevated cortisol stop fat burning, it ALSO stops muscle building which is something we do want.

The problems with always and only doing those bootcamps, Orange Theory style workouts, and group fitness classes, is that it too becomes too much too often leading us to trouble, stagnation in results, and eventually drop out.

2. Sets you up for Injury

High impact exercise, and going all out when we workout out day in and day out sets us up for injury.

That’s because we don’t allow the body to rest and recover appropriately. See, when we train we break down our tissue, creating damage to muscles. The real magic and rewards of your workout sessions happen outside of the gym, when we rest and recover.

Without this, your body becomes tired, cannot meet the demands placed upon it and you end up with aches, pains and injury.

So if you’re doing total body sessions, nearly every day, think hard about when you’re letting your body relax and rejuvenate itself.

3. Focused on burning calories when what you really want is to build muscle to support metabolism.

Here’s the reality, counting how many calories you burn is a waste of time, because fat loss doesn’t work in a linear direct way. That means just because you ‘burned __ calories’ you didn’t necessarily burn off that many fat calories.

Additionally, when you’re always focused on how much you’re burning, how much you sweat, etc, you miss out on what’s truly important to your body change and fat loss - Muscle and metabolism.

Turning your workouts into calorie torching sweat sessions, like the ones I’m talking about here inhibits you’re body.’s ability to build lean muscle tissue. The SAME muscle tissue necessary for supporting burning fat at rest, and keeping your metabolism humming.

What you’re doing is stripping away lean muscle which is the LAST thing you want.

So, what should you do instead of bootcamps, circuits and group ex classes?

The simple answer is Strength training. Weight lifting.

Strength training and lifting weights will build lean muscle tissue, support the metabolism, sculpt a tight toned body, and support fat loss and body change and transformation.

Intimidated or don’t know how or don’t have time to put your own strength training program together?

I’ve done it for you in my brand new DIY Training Program, Transform-In-8!

Check it out here....

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