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Body & Mind Recovery Series Day 4: Reap the benefits of gym sessions with post workout nutrition

Reaping the benefits of your gym sessions is supported by what you do outside of the gym.

Day 4 of the Body & Mind Recovery Series let’s talk about post-workout nutrition. Specifically, a post-workout shake.

Fueling up to repair and replenish your body muscles, fuel, and energy is important and this is applicable whether you are wanting to lose weight, build muscle, or just maintain your fitness and health.

Training years down the body, recovery and replenishment allows the body to improve and get results. Even with fat loss, if we restrict too much, the body may down regulate metabolism thinking food is scarce, slow hormone function, lower energy, promote holding onto fat, and limit muscle mass.

As long as your overall calorie intake is appropriate for your goal (I.e. a deficit for fat loss), then fueling up correctly post-workout is important.

Whether you choose to fuel up immediately after your workout session or up to a few hours after, there’s a few guidelines and priorities to consider...

Have something:

✨protein rich

✨high quality and nutrient rich too

💥the amount of calories, carbs and fats will be determined by you and your specific goals. You may or may not need carbs post workout (whey and some fast digesting proteins act similarly as carbs on insulin and glucose thus not requiring carbs too). Either way protein is essential. Fat may slow the digestion and absorption of the protein and nutrients.

A post-workout protein shake is stressed here because it’s simple, quick, and contains the important nutrients and macros.

Here’s an example of a shake you can fuel up with at your next meal after working out:

1 scoop protein powder

1 cup unsweetened non dairy milk

2 tsp chia seeds

1/2 cup frozen cauliflower

Handful greens or scoop of greens powder

Ice and water if desired

*Dependent on individual goals: Berries, fruit, fats and other ingredients

What are your training and fitness goals?

How does your eating fit into your training and are you fueling according to your body’s needs and personal goals?


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