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Benefits of Taking Up Adult Gymnastics

How you will benefit when you take up Adult Gymnastics

  • vitality

  • rejuvenation

  • slow aging

  • develop mental skills like perseverance and focus

  • self-trust and believe in yourself

  • balance

  • coordination

  • protect against falls, injury and pain

All this can be yours when you get into gymnastics as an adult!

Our Adult gymnastics program is adaptable and scalable with skill progression specific to you.

Have fun building up your fitness for life!

Learn: * handstands * pull-ups and muscle ups * kips * overall strength and mobility * and more

The Adult Gymnastics program is run out of Coastal Gymnastics Center (**our brand NEW facility will be open as of January)!!

All ages 16 and up are welcome, and no prior gymnastics experience is necessary to get started.

Inquire today for details and join us for Adult Gymnastics.

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