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Belly Fat No More! Here's How...

Train for body shape, muscle, metabolism, transformation, definition (build your body in the gym).

Eat for calorie deficit/balance, fat loss, leaning out (reveal your body in the kitchen).

Countless crunches and abdominal work isn’t going to burn off belly fat. Sorry, not sorry.

You’re gonna have to work on your diet, lifestyle, movement, and mindset (yep, stress is a major culprit) if you want to shed belly fat.

But, wait, there’s still significance to training and doing core and abdominal exercises, just not necessarily sit-ups.

Doing some good ab and core work as part of your regular training routine still does serve its purpose!

You’re going to train those muscles that, once you do shed your belly fat, will uncover a lean, toned and tight midsection rather than sagging skin and jiggle.

I’m launching a new fitness training program called #TransformIn8 in just over a week and in the program is some killer ab and core training work! These exercises work! The entire training program works.

Plus, the training program is meant to stimulate your body just enough that you will get results transforming your body, achieving fat loss, and seeing belly fat drop.

That’s because you’re working WITH your metabolism, not against it. You’re not gonna be stressing your mind and body (recall that stress = belly fat), and you’re going to be supporting balanced hormones! (Which also need to be balanced to keep belly fat down).

I’m sending out some free #TransformIn8 beta workouts prior to the official launch that happens next week, and beta group will get early access to snatch up the complete program and bonuses at a special low rate!

Get the beta workouts here:

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