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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Hey fam! Allow me to reintroduce myself.

I know there’s some new faces lately and I want to help and be there for each of you the best I can!

My name is Rachel Cantore and I am a personal trainer and certified coach. I say ‘Coach’ in this general term because honestly I am a certified coach and specialist in multiple areas including nutrition, fat loss, lifestyle weight management, behavior change, fitness, health and wellness, life, metabolism and hormones...

I hold degrees in Movement Sciences, with a concentration in Exercise and Fitness, and Nutrition from University of Illinois at Chicago. (Movement Sciences is sometimes interchanged with Kinesiology, in fact my college had changed back and forth between the two at least three times while I was attendimg school there!)

My post college continuing education is from NASM (performance enhancement, corrective exercise, lifestyle weight management, behavior change, group training...), Precision Nutrition, NESTA, and Metabolic Effect, Next Level Human, as well as some other areas and programs which I’ve acquired certifications, background and knowledge in specialized areas noted above.

Some of my favorite areas of study during my college years were in classes that we studied NSCA’s Strength and Conditioning, as well as the psychology of eating, athletic training, food science, and stress management.

I am grateful to have came across Metabolic Effect years ago towards the end of college. Their courses, certifications, and content in hormonal fat loss, metabolism, nutrition, and one’s entire lifestyle has COMPLETELY transformed my life over the years and how I approach training. In fact, I’ve adopted and adapted a lot of what I’ve learned from them into my content and programs I’ve developed today. Two of the cofounders @jadeteta and @jillfit, I continue to learn from and am inspired and driven by on a regular basis.

Though I have a vast educational background in numerous areas of training, nutrition and health and wellness my true passions began when I was a child. I have ALWAYS wanted to help others since I was a child.

I grew up doing competitive club gymnastics since age three, at one of the top Midwest gyms around, Illinois Gymnastics Institute. I absolutely LOVED the sport and it’s truly shaped my entire life and mindset. I retired from gymnastics at 18 then coached for another 12 years and two moves later (including head and assistant coaching competitive teams).

I personally have experienced and had to overcome struggles my entire life since being a child, up through even today including injuries, weaknesses, misunderstandings around diet and eating, a long bout of Mono, food obsession and yo-yo dieting patterns, extreme dieting and overeating, alongside hormonal and metabolic issues, and even anxiety and emotional/stress eating.

My passion and means of helping others has grown, developed and been cultivated over the years through education, personal experience and the combined wisdom gained and applied. I am ALWAYS reading, researching, learning and working to live my own best life and create fulfillment, in addition to inspiring, influencing, impacting and instructing others, those I work with, make contact with, friends, family, and anyone in between...

I started Rachel’s Fusion and the ‘Fusion’ Brand out of college. I have always strongly believed that it’s not just about exercise and fitness nor nutrition and most definitely not about dieting. Rather optimal living, health, wellness and results come from taking into account the ENTIRE wellbeing and all aspects of life and lifestyle. This includes our mindset, environment, movement, social networks and how they impact and shape our training and diet which ultimately leads to results and reaching goals.

I strongly believe there’s a need to have an understanding about the core concepts, how our own bodies work, and how what we do and out into our bodies shape our outcomes, which is exactly why I want to educate those I help and impact not just provide a diet, meal plan or training program.

No excuses, just empowerment!

Are you ready to be empowered?

Get Fit’n’Fueled and Fit’n’Fused today!

Reach out today or check out and!

Rachel Cantore

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