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6 Strategies for Unstoppable Motivation

Lacking motivation?

With the New Year here in less than a week, it’s a good time to talk about Motivation before you embark on any changes, resolutions, or improvements.

This is applicable to your eating, fitness, health, business, or other personal development/goals.

Need Motivation to Make a Change?

Fact: you won’t always be motivated. Motivation ebbs and flows.

But what do you do when you’re struggling to find the motivation to even get going, or keep going when you were doing so well up until now?

Here are some strategies and tools for unstoppable motivation:

1. Identify your self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, fears, and obstacles and barriers. Are they realistic? Are they true? How can you reframe them, shift perspective?

2. Lower the barrier - start small, no even smaller. Keep things as simple and easy as possible.

3. What’s your Why? Use the “5 Whys” practice - ask yourself why this is so important. Dig deeper and ask yourself why you answered the first why you did. Continue exploring the why until you get to the root.

4. Discernment - Focal points and Anchor actions, priorities, what’s most important

5. Expectation failure - be prepared for things to not go your way. Learn from your slip ups. Adjust and adapt = resilience. Consistency and showing up > perfection and extremes/all-or-nothing

6. Identify where you’re falling off track - are you not prepared, failing to plan, are you doing things preemptively in order to set yourself up for success? What single small action will you take to plan/prep preemptively?

It helps to have a coach for support through your journey. Check out how @fusionfittraining can help you through coaching and programs.

For help in your journey, try coaching or the Food Freedom Accelerator Program.

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