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5 Ways to Improve your Accountability Game

I’m big on accountability. To yourself and to others.

Keeping your word.

Holding yourself to what you say you’ll do.

Which is different than expectations.

Accountability is important to personal growth, quality connections, and success.

Do you struggle with accountability?

Here’s what you can do to improve your accountability game:

1 Communicate. Sooner than later. Acknowledge what happened then choose to do different next time, follow through with that

2. Identify Patterns. Do you struggle keeping your word around certain things or situations? Are you not being honest with yourself or others about your ability, time, and/or desire?

3. Prioritize and Focus. When you know what is truly important you’ll be able to say no to what’s not instead of being half in/half out.

4. Lower the Barrier. Overwhelmed? Break it down, start somewhere. Go simple and easy.

5. Take Note and Schedule it. If you tend to forget what you said you’d do then set reminders or take notes, if you get overwhelmed then be more discerning.

Get the support and tools necessary to boost your accountability from Fusion Fit.

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