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Ninja Warrior Training + Fitness for Adults!


Our newest program inspired by gymnastics, obstacle course training, Spartan Races and American Ninja Warrior! NinjaFit embodies discipline, focused energy, skill and technique.

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During NinjaFit classes, you will learn a combination of upper body, lower body, and balance skills and techniques. You’ll be swinging, rolling, and jumping in combination with strength & agility obstacle courses. NinjaFit classes take participants through progressions beginning with the most basic skills and exercises to strengthen and allow proper function and execution of obstacles.


In the beginning, you will be working on exercises, skills and progressions including hangs, grips, balances, jumps, body awareness, and movements that train agility and reaction times. We treat NinjaFit and our courses like a workout and sport discipline.  We want you to get the most out of classes, learning proper technique, and progressing accordingly. Protecting our adult ninja students is of utmost priority which includes optimizing their fitness and conditioning!


NinjaFit for Adults =

  • An obstacle course discipline

  • Requiring movement fundamentals, gymnastics techniques, discipline and mental focus


The basic idea of Ninja Warrior is to overcome various stages of obstacle courses. Obstacles are designed to mimic techniques thought to be used by ancient ninja, as well as test the limits of human strength, coordination, concentration, endurance and overall fitness. Ninja Fit trains and prepares students to complete and compete if desired in obstacle courses.  They also function as a normal gym, to train and exercise for competitions or just get fit.  


NinjaFit is a great workout for every person at any skill level.  It emphasizes mobility, quickness, functional strength and endurance.


The Ninja Warrior Community is all about inclusivity and support. 


Skills trained and practiced include:

  • Skills & drills for upper body, lower body and balance

  • Speed and agility

  • Flexibility

  • Strength

  • Coordination

  • Endurance

  • Stability

  • Reactivity

  • Body weight 

There are various mental and physical benefits of Ninja Warrior Fitness that go beyond just fitness, workout and sport. 


Some of these benefits include:

  • Improves functional strength; one must have balanced muscular development, imbalances may hinder an athlete’s performance.  Certain strengths in other sports may serve to be a disadvantage in Ninja.  Athletic, responsive, lean and fit are important in ninja.  Obstacles require different strengths and skills from lower body agility and balance, to upper body strength, and requiring the athlete to be well-rounded/skilled.  This well balanced functional strength development transfers over to almost every other athletic pursuit outside of ninja and the gym as well as other life and mental skills one may encounter.

  • Flexibility to navigate challenging obstacles; lacking in flexibility will make traversing and completing obstacles difficult if not impossible.  Flexibility and mobility allows the ninja student to trust their body, to stretch, maneuver, reach and climb over various obstacles and courses.  This includes awkward positions, and “course correcting” themselves when they are thrown off guard or lose their balance.  This in turn improves performance, chances of success, and decreases chances of injury.  Flexibility also serves to help athletes maintain good posture and perform every day tasks with more ease and comfort.

  • Balance is crucial; obstacles require athletes to balance themselves in a numerous scenarios.  From narrow beams and ropes and small objects, traversing across small objects, hopping or leaping to a platform then regaining footing, scaling walls, ladders, and climbing apparatus, and more.   In each of these scenarios, athletes must quickly gain and regain their balance.  In turn, training and improving balance has a huge impact on injury prevention for al ages, fitness levels and personal goals. Better balance is linked to a 45% decrease in injury due to joint stabilization.  Developing healthier, more capable athletes.

  • Train agility; agility requires strength, speed, coordination and practice.  Navigating, reacting and responding to obstacles and accompanying challenges is essential for athletes to successfully compete obstacles and progress in their ability.  Knowing how to navigate a ninja course obstacle is one thing, but understanding and being capable of quickly reacting, responding and recalculating your movement is another necessary skill.  Athletes are constantly challenged with obstacles that force them to recalibrate and try again.  Fine tuning and making small changes and adjustments as necessary.  Over time this skill increases the athlete’s ability to move through course with efficiency and agility.  Agility carries over into other areas of life, not necessarily in living a healthy life, but in one’s capability to pick up new sports, activities and practices with ease and confidence.  Ease of play serves to increase enjoyment in more sports and remain active later and longer in their lives which is in turn a major benefit to long-term health.

  • Increased focus & precision; concentration is a must.  Ninja Warriors do Not just throw themselves through obstacles, this is unsafe and will also hinder them in learning more advanced and complex skills and obstacles.  They develop skill through focus.  In sports there is the concept of being “in the zone” and Ninja is no different.  Also known as the “flow state”, ninja athletes must develop and find their way to this level of focus as Ninja requires such high level of precision. One may absolutely have the physical capability to complete an obstacle, however lacking in the precision and mental focus will land you failing a skill or course, or even putting yourself at increased risk of injury. Athletes are always practicing precision in their movements, mastering skills and maneuvers.  This practice carries over into the sports and every day movements, activities, and practices.  For older athletes, training precision can help prevent injuries on stairs, slipping on sidewalks, or other common hazards that put an older adult at risk. 

  • Core strength development; the secret to success in every sport.  Every movement the body makes requires core muscles to balance and transfer power.  Without core strength, endurance and fitness an athlete will struggle to maintain proper posture resulting in performing with less control and “cheating” on movements, and throwing themselves off balance and putting themselves at higher risk of injury.  Emphasis on building balance, quick and explosive movements, and difficult holds and climbs, Ninja helps athletes develop core strength in a function and fun way.  This in turn helps ninja athletes leap between obstacles, scale upper body obstacles, balance unstable obstacles and more.  Outside of the ninja and gym setting, real-world benefits of core strength help in every aspect of life from work tasks, household chores, recreational activities and hobbies, and more.  Core strength supports posture, fitness and ability, appearance and aesthetics, vitality and well-being. 

  • Community and culture; Ninja is a challenge between athletes and obstacles. NOT athletes and other athletes.  Athletes are supportive, motivating, and caring of other competitiors in them doing their best.  The friendly community results in everyone feeling welcome.  Communities like this encourage athletes to try their personal best.  Over time this practice of reaching excellence and precision can lead to big improvements in performance and increase success.  As a result, athletes increase physical fitness which serves as a cascade of benefits for an athletes physical and mental health.  Athletes are stronger and happier, and more likely to continue to return, practice, learn and progress.

  • NinjaFit IS for Everyone; NinjaFit program provides accessibility to fitness and fun for any athlete.  Beginning with the most fundamental skills and tasks, and progressing from there as per the individual.

- Level Up Your Fitness -

Join us for NinjaFit!

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