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Hey there!

I'm Rachel Cantore

Owner & Founder, Personal Trainer, Coach

BS Movement Sciences - Exercise & Fitness and Nutrition

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Performance Enhancement, NASM Corrective Exercise, NASM Behavior Change Specialist, NASM Nutrition Specialst, NASM Weight Loss, NASM Group Training Specializations

Metabolic Effect Level 3 Hormonal Fat Loss Coach, Metbolic Effect Personal Trainer

Next Level Metabolism Hormone and Metabolism Specialist

Precision Nutrition Coach

NESTA Wellness Coach, Fitness Nutrition Coach, Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist

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About Me

I have been a Personal Trainer and in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 15 years.  Originally from the Chicagoland Suburbs, I grew up doing competitive club gymnastics and after retiring when I was 18, I coached gymnastics for 12 years.  I attended college at University of Illinois at Chicago.

I moved to South Carolina in September of 2014 where I have been Personal Training and developing my Small Group Training Program now known as Fusion Fit. 


"The Fusion Fit Program has been a vision of mine for years and I've been cultivating and molding it since."

I am also a Nutrition, Lifestyle, Mindset, and Transformation Coach via Rachel's Fusion Coaching. I help people feel and look their best, optimize their health and wellness, and achieve sustainable body and behavior change. 

When not training, you'll find me on or in the water Stand up Padde boarding, swimming, surfing, soaking up the sun, dancing, playing billiards, cooking, or participating in various active adventures and experiences.

My Story

I have been in the health and fitness industry for nearly 15 years.  Originally from the Chicagoland suburbs, I took the leap and moved to Orange County, California 6 years ago, then a year later moved out to Bluffton, South Carolina where I've now been for five fabulous and empowering years. 


Upon moving to the Lowcountry, I took a job as a Personal Trainer at a brand new facility where I started a Bootcamp and offered 1-1 personal training sessions.  The program began from literally NOTHING - no previous clients or business besides being hired by someone who had an established business in Savannah and acquiring the partnership with where I'd be located.


Scary as it might sound, making the choice to stick it out here has paid off.  I've learned a plethora of information while working in the same atmosphere as top Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, and other Medical Experts.  I've fine tuned my fitness and training philosophies.  I grew and transformed the Group Fitness Program from a Bootcamp, to Group Training, to Metabolic Training and Strength Training.  I've learned more about both managing and building a business and ensuring members and clients are satisfied, happy, and successful.  


I'm still continuously learning and growing, and applying what i learn and experience.  I absolutely love what I do.  I love helping others be their best self, helping them learn more about fitness and training and exercising in the gym.  I also love helping others live their best life OUTSIDE of the gym.


Effectiveness, safety, enjoyment, and education are the key aspects of the Program.  It's important to enjoy yourself and your workouts, but we at Fusion Fit Gym take things a step further. 


When it comes to fat loss, losing weight, and body change it's common to approach exercise and fitness from a calorie mindset - focusing on burning as many calories through exercise as possible.  Though this is a factor, we go a few steps beyond.  Learning how to properly lift weights and perform resistance exercise allows you to optimize your fat loss or body change results.  Plus, educating and guiding clients and members outside of the gym - through lifestyle, nutrition, and mindset approaches and habits.


The mission of Fusion Fit Gym is to get you to your goals through maintaining a healthy metabolism and balanced hormones, keeping you out of pain and injury through proper exercise execution, getting you in and out of the gym in timely workout sessions, and making it enjoyable and comfortable so that you keep returning for more.


Rachel has been in the health and fitness industry for over 12 years and has been coaching and developing the Group Training Program for the last 5 years in which she's developed Fusion Fit - a unique program that takes Group Training Program and makes it Personal by helping each individual optimize their gym time, exercise, and results through learning how to weight train and workout correctly, intentionally, and effectively.Fusion Fit is a fitness studio offering small group training to the Lowcountry. Fusion Fit's concept includes offering intentional exercise and training that encompasses strength (weight/resistance) training, metabolic training, and movement.Fusion Fit Training supports individual's various goals including weight loss, body change, fat loss, transformation, optimizing fitness and performance, preventing injury and pain, and overall health and wellness,

My Gymnastics Experience

I am a former competitive club gymnast.  I did 15 years at a prestigious club gym in the Chicagoland suburbs of Illinois called IGI Gymnastics.  I coached competitive club gymnastics for another 12 years - 10 of those years at IGI, followed by another combined 3 years in Orange County, Southern California and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  


I competed and coached at the same gymnastics club for a combined 25 years (from 3 to 28 years old)!  In other words, Gymnastics has been my life for pretty much my entire life.  It's my family and my home.

After taking a break from coaching for almost 5 years to pursue full time Personal Training, Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching, and launching my own business, Fusion Fit, I found myself itching to get back involved in the sport, both personally and professionally. 


Coastal Gymnastics, Bluffton and Hilton Head's local gymnastics club, has allowed me to build a new "home" for myself and other adult's interested in pursuing learning the sport of gymnastics, and even taking it to the next level to compete as an adult.

I am beyond excited to bring you the Fusion Fit Adult Gymnastics Program!  It feels great to be involved in something I’ve been passionate about and built an expertise around throughout my entire life.  I'm look forward to coaching you in the sport of Gymnastics!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.