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Coaching Services + Pricing 

  • Coaching Sessions and Consultations

  • Monthly Coaching Packages

  • Check-in and Follow Up sessions

How it works

Getting started: The Fusion Fit Coaching Process

Are we a good fit? Complete an application.


Once you complete your application, I will look it over and determine whether I can best help you.


I’ll be in contact with you via email if we are a good fit. At this time I will have you complete paperwork telling me about yourself, lifestyle, health. You’ll also have to keep a log of your daily food intake, exercise, activity, routine and lifestyle habits.

Booking you first coaching session

Once I receive your paperwork we will set up your first coaching session - an in depth consultation. At this time, we will go through your goals, and put together a plan of action which you will implement.


From here on out there’s a few directions things may go…


Follow up coaching check-ins will be scheduled. Check-ins are 15-20 minute sessions during which you will provide any feedback, progress, and updates. Upon observation and your subjective feedback, I will decide whether to keep things the same (remain consistent) or make any adjustments and tweaks to your plan.


Check-ins will be determined at the time of your first session. Coaching Plans include either weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly options. Any client that’s on a coaching plan may contact me via text or email any time between check-ins too.

Coaching packages are determined on an individual basis determined by the following:

  • Personal goals

  • Personal experience and history

  • Personal preferences

  • Follow through, implementation

  • Progress and results

  • Self-Accountability, self-awareness, ownership

  • Budget

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