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Adult Gymnastics
The Lowcountry's FIRST and ONLY Adult Gymnastics Program!

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Adult Gymnastics Classes

Artistic gymnastics, tumbling + acrobatics. Join us just for fun, recreation, to boost your fitness, or competition.  Classes located at the Zone Bluffton.

Balancing Beam

Adult Gymnastics Open Gyms & Field Trips

Artistic gymnastics, tumbling + acrobatics. Join us just for fun, recreation, to boost your fitness, or competition.  Classes located at the Zone Bluffton.

Young Gymnast

Workshops and Clinics

Artistic gymnastics, tumbling + acrobatics. Join us just for fun, recreation, to boost your fitness, or competition.  Classes located at the Zone Bluffton.

Chalking Hands

Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning

Specialty classes designed to empower, supplement and round out your fitness + training. Current Fusion Classes target either mobility, core, and balance.

Gymnast on a Wooden Bar

Private Lessons

Services include Small Group Personal Training, 1-1 Personal Training, Personalized Training Plans + Fitness Coaching.  Services available at Cynergy Fitness, Hardeeville Rec Complex, online/virtual + select in-home options

Gymnasts Practicing


Adult gymnastics camps, clinics and workshops. Field trips to local gymnastics clubs for further training on other equipment. Competitions. Coaching certification.


Adult Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics is a total body sport that calls on mastering various aspects of fitness and exercise. This includes (physically) strength, mobility, flexibility, endurance, power, agility, balance and stability. Mentally, Gymnastics teaches you about focus, discipline, consistency and commitment, perseverance, and muscle memory.


Learn the foundations, technique, skills and drills from basic to advanced gymnastics on floor exercise, bars, beam… Beginner to advanced levels.

classes may include:

  • learning gymnastics skills for floor, bars, beam and vault apparatus

  • learning drills and techniques necessary to practice proper and safe gymnastics

  • starting with the foundations and working your way to more advanced skills

  • progressing on an individual basis

  • strength and conditioning

  • mobility and stretching

  • body awareness, power, and total body fitness amongst other systems

  • functional movement 

  • competition team with other adults if desired


Adult Gymnastics Classes are Monday Evenings at The Zone Bluffton, 108 Buckwalter Parkway. $35/class or contact us for packages and monthly options.

Sign Up for a Class

Sign up for Adult Gymnastics Classes in our scheduling app in the link below

Adult Gymnastics Open Gyms & Field Trips

Time to Practice your Skills and Tricks at Your Own Pace

Open Gym is your time to practice your skills and tricks at your own leisure. There will NOT be a coach leading or directing you during open gyms. A coach will be on the floor during scheduled times to ensure safety.

Contact us for details and dates we do Field Trips and Open Gyms

Workshops and Clinics

Learn and Master Specific Skills or Tricks


Want to master a skill, trick, or exercise?  A clinic or workshop zeros in on a single skill, exercise or aspect of gymnastics or ninja warrior in a group setting.  You'll be diving into learning all the drills, techniques, progressions, and walk away with an increased understanding and gained ability.

Our Adult Gymnastics or NinjaFit Clinics and Workshops may be scheduled at our location or we may set something up at your gym or facility of choice.

Contact Rachel at to inquire about hosting a clinic or workshop.

Check out our Facebook events for any scheduled clinics or workshops coming up.

Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning for Adults

Take Your Fitness and Performance to the Next Level!

Gymnastics S&C for Adults will take your fitness and performance to the next level, whether that’s better overall fitness in your day to day life, learning and mastering new skills for gymnastics, or cross-training fitness for CrossFit, Spartan or Ninja style fitness, or your sport of choice. Become a better all-around gymnast, athlete in your sport of choice, or simply vastly improve your overall fitness. To improve in your sport, whether that’s gymnastics itself or a gymnastics-related sport or activity, you MUST have the proper foundation including applicable strength and fitness. From adult gymnasts to non-gymnasts, athletes to non-athletes will benefit from this weekly workout that encompasses gymnastics-related strength and conditioning exercises targeting the core, upper and lower body in the areas of balance and coordination, body awareness, arm balancing, body weight related activity, posture, injury + pain prevention and more.

Adult Gymnastics Private Lessons

Schedule 1-1 Time to Zero in on a Specific Skill or Trick

Sometimes class time just isn't quite enough time to focus on a skill you are working hard to achieve or master. Or maybe you just want some 1-1 time to really focus on a certain skill, technique or trick.


Private lessons are1-1 time with your coach to work on specific skills, tricks or exercises.


Available in 30-minute blocks. Contact Rachel to book at

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