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The Full Story

​How It Started
  • Born out of passion for training, fitness, and active living

  • Fusion Fit began with primarily small group Personal Training, and some personal training and nutrition services. Started out prior to Fusion Fit becoming official as a SGPT program at a local facility.

  • A need to provide individuals the training and coaching

  • Started teaching Adult Gymnastics

  • Collaborated with local SUP business and created Paddle Fused Fitness

  • Fusion Fit  has grown into a multi-discipline fitness and wellness brand

  • Though we work with individuals of all goals and levels we have specific programs in:

    • Small Group Personal Training​

    • Adult Gymnastics and NinjaFit

    • Stand Up Paddle Boarding

The Founding Program

Small Group Personal Training

Fusion Fit was started in 2019, with a Small Group Personal Training Program and accompanying Nutrition Coaching.


Up until then, owner and founder, Rachel Cantore had been personal training and running a bootcamp at a local facility, Wellness Institute, in the Lowcountry.  Back in September of 2013, when Rachel moved to Bluffton, she took on a position with an opportunity to build a fitness and training program from scratch at Wellness Institute.  The then brand new facility was owned by a local business was to provide physical therapy, fitness and wellness services to the local auto mall employees as well as local residents.  Hired as a personal trainer by a local Gym + Owner based out of the Savannah, Georgia area specifically for Wellness Institute, Rachel built up the Bootcamp from 3 weekday mornings weekly, to an additional 2 evenings and Saturday morning alongside personal training.


After a few years and growth in the program's bootcamp and individual personal training, Rachel was given the opportunity to continue building the business as an independent contractor directly through Wellness Institute. That same year, she attended IDEA World Fitness Convention, an international fitness, nutrition and wellness conference and expo event where fitness professionals gather to learn and network from many of the most highly acclaimed and top rated professionals in the Health and Fitness Industry.  


Attending the event for the 5th time since graduating college with a BS in Movement Sciences and Nutrition, with a concentration in Exercise and Fitness and becoming a certified personal trainer through NASM, she attended numerous Convention Courses to earn CECs.  One of those courses was led by Jason Stella, personal trainer and fitness gym manager.  Rachel first met Jason at her hometown gym, Lifetime Fitness, where she would work out throughout college, and Jason had always offered resources, feedback, and mentoring on fitness and training in the industry. Jason


The session topic Jason Stella spoke on was Small Group Personal Training.  He had started Group Training + Fitness Programs at well-known corporate gyms throughout the nation including those in the Midwest and West Coast.  He was at the forefront of Small Group Personal Training, and this session was all about what exactly Small Group Personal Training was and wasn’t, how to start and run a program, and SGPT program design and development.


Upon returning to the Lowcountry, Rachel was eager to start her own Small Group Personal Training Program.  What that looked like was transitioning the Bootcamp into an SGPT program, first through a shift in the workouts themselves alongside a miniscule rate increase.


The group program continued to grow to a reasonable size of members.  Not long after, Rachel connected with another personal trainer and gym owner located in Bluffton, who ended up having another mutual connection, another personal trainer at the same gym up in Rachel’s Hometown in the Midwest.  The owner was in need of a Trainer to sub and take on some of her group classes, so Rachel agreed to sub some sessions.  The members immediately connected with Rachel and her Training approach in the group classes, and next thing they were encouraging her to come over to their gym full time.


After some though, Rachel took the opportunity to leave Wellness Institute and build up a Small Group Personal Training program at this other gym.  Initially, this was a great idea with lots of opportunity.  However, upon moving locations, she quickly recognized it wasn’t in her best interest.  Rachel had always wanted to build her OWN program, her own business, with her own trainers and coaches running sessions too.  Though this wasn’t necessarily out of the picture, the means to doing that and the vision of the SGPT program just wasn’t happening at this gym.


A year later, Rachel decided to leave and start Fusion Fit Gym, LLC with her own Small Group Personal Training Program.  It began with sessions run out of town local spaces which she rented from in Bluffton.


Fast Forward, to today and Fusion Fit Bluffton’s Small Group Personal Training program is still going, though quite a bit different than in the beginning.  Sessions have become smaller and more personal, rates have shifted, and the workouts themselves have been developed and shaped around strength/resistance and weight training.  A Team of Fusion Fit Certified Personal Trainers has been built to run various SGPT sessions, and all sessions are run out of one of only a few full Gyms/Fitness Centers in Bluffton complete with various equipment, a group fitness and spin room, and amenities.

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