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Intro to Strength Training

5-Week Program

Novice to intermediate lifters.

Meets once weekly for 1.5-2 hours at Cynergy Fitness


Starts Mid-January

Experience The Benefits of Strength Training

Starting mid-January we will be running a 5-week introductory course taking individuals through strength and weight training and lifting in the gym. Course will be run at Cynergy Fitness.  Open to anyone looking to start lifting weights, familiarize themselves with strength training, or learn to properly and effectively lift weights and perform foundational exercises.

Meets once weekly for 1.5-2 hours. Each session will cover a different exercise or major muscle, plus go over gym etiquette, facility and equipment use all to help you be comfortable, confident and capable at Cynergy and in the gym setting.

Minimum 3 people registered to run course, max 8 per group.

Sign up today by emailing us at

Course led by our Certified Personal Trainer, Jhon.

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